Monday, August 8, 2016

At school and play with Sis Boom

I feel honored to be a part of the Sis Boom At School and Play Blog tour. There are so many fabulous ladies taking part. Follow the links below to check out the other blogs and be sure to read to the end to enter to win a copy of the Jeanine Jumper! Sis Boom Patterns are on sale RIGHT NOW for 40% off until September 4th using the code BACK2SCHOOL! Shop here or on etsy. 
We are excitied to announce that our bloggers EACH have a pattern giveaway on their posts! Everyday something new; so be sure to follow along with this tour!

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I am brand new to blogging but I have been sewing for many years. I was first drawn to Sis Boom patterns in 2013 because of their wonderful women's patterns. The easy to follow instructions, professional finishes, and wide ranges of sizes have kept me hooked over the last three years. The Jeanine Jumper is perfect for my silly little girl. Recently she has decided that if she can't lift her legs or squat easily in an outfit the she will not wear it and screaming will ensue! Great news the Jeanine Jumper has passed the test. She ran, climbed, jumped, and went down the slide with no fuse about her outfit getting in the way. 
 Mark, Set, Go is one of her favorite games to play with big brother.

 I had to bribe her with M&Ms to get out of the swing so I could get more than this one picture! Next time swings last!
 I am just as excited as she is about this cute owl fabric from The Fabric Cobbler. Unfortunately this owl fabric is out of print but have no fear the Fabric Cobbler has many more to choose from! 

  The Jeanine Jumper has two sleeve options, a gathered waist option, and a wide range of leg lengths. I wanted a simple quick sew which lead me to choose the flutter sleeves and a gathered long leg. The best part is it is easy to get on and off of a busy toddler. A long sleeve t-shirt added underneath when the weather cools off will be a cute fall look! Of course in the deep south it may be Christmas before it actually cools off. I see many more Jeanine Jumpers in my future! 
Comment below "What is your little ones favorite activity on the playground?" for your chance to win the Jeanine Jumper. A winner will be randomly selected on September 3rd after the blog tour ends. Go follow the sew-a-long going on in the Sis Boom Pattern Group and enter your creations in the Back to school album between now and September 10th for your chance to be one of three winners who get a pattern of their choice. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. Your little miss is adorable and is always smiling! Enjoy these toddler days as they do go fast. When my kids were little, they loved the slide. Even the short, narrow ones made me nervous thinking they might fall off. Childhood can be dangerous! Now I sew for my friends' grand kids and hoping that someday soon, I have a few grandkids of my own!

  2. These pictures are great, what an infectious smile!

    1. Thank you! You are our winner! Please email at to collect your prize!

  3. All the heart eyes for your adorable daughter!!

  4. This is just adorable! I love your fall vibes, it's my favorite season. Well done.

  5. So cute! My kiddos are all over the playground, but one daughter in particular LOVES the monkey bars.

  6. Your little is so adorable! I love the autumn colours too - well done!

  7. What a cutie pie !!!
    My 2.5yo is attached to the slides, it took her months to get over the fear of coming down, but from one day to the next, she went down and the rest is history lol. Now the higher the slide the happier she is lol

    Not sure why it's coming up as Unknown Name :-(
    -- Maggie B (